What We Do

Business Network Solutions (BNS) brings a culmination of years of accredited working knowledge in IT business services, to our clients. We focus on implementing IT solutions that fit the need and keep cost at a minimum. We specialize in solutions from the ground up or existing infrastructures, whether IT be from the desktop to LAN, WAN, or WIFI. SOHO (small office/home office) to Enterprise, we’ve had our hands in everything our clients need and will use. We’re IT techs but we’re people too, so what you may not understand or know, we’ll explain IT where you’re comfortable with the solution and happy with the results.

We design, build and manage your LAN (local area network), to free your time to build your business, without the stresses of users asking, “When’s the printer going to be working again?” or “I can’t connect to the server or get mail.”

WAN (wide area networks) can be another daunting task in itself, when possibly dealing with service providers or telco’s. We’ve been there done that and wear the shirt. We’ll take that off your hands too. We walk their walk and talk their talk. Maybe you have remote offices you need communicating with each other daily, securely, we can build that secure network for you too.

WIFI or WLAN, we design and implement wireless routers and AP’s (access points) with cell division, so as through the office area or cells, devices will never drop connection.

Disaster Recovery

It’s not a matter of “if”, it’s a matter of “when” it’s going to happen, but data lose or hardware failure is going to happen. This is why Disaster Recovery planning is a must, and if not considered, it will come back to bite you. From the everyday desktop users at home, SOHO to Enterprise, anyone using technology today, has felt the anxiety of data loss or hardware failure.

The level of planning is where the cost will come into play, but at minimum, backup important data, from the desktop users to enterprise. In this planning stage, we ask our clients, “How long can you afford to be down?” and with this answer, we can weigh costs based upon data storage and/or backup hardware onsite or in the cloud.

Cloud Services

What is the “Cloud”? Cloud services can be onsite or offsite. Cloud, can be desktop or datacenters. You or the company can have Cloud or virtualization where it’s most cost effective and disaster safe, as possible, as a business perspective. It can range from VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, which we focus on but there are many more. The everyday computer users could have computers running other virtual operating systems within, such as WMware workstation, VirtualBox to name a couple. Virtualization is growing exponentially and we can help.

BNS cloud services will leave you floating on air, with assurance. Your network and/or data is safe secure and always there, whether internal or in a datacenter somewhere across the U.S. We have solutions from the mega-data centers like AWS, Google, Azure to privately owned datacenters, but with all possibilities of redundancy.

Network Management

BNS offers full network management from the desktop, servers, LAN to WAN. We can take care of all the day to day IT problems, so you can focus on business. We’ve built and maintained infrastructures from SOHO, Enterprise to ISP (internet service providers). We can be onsite or work remote. We have tools in place so if we are on vacation, we can get to you ASAP.