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Disaster Recovery

It's only a matter of time before disaster strikes. Let us help you plan for the worst, so your business can get back on it's feet immediately

Cloud Services

Let us leave you floating on air with our Cloud Services. We ensure your data and business capabilities are secure and always available, while also providing redundancy and peace-of-mind

Network Management

We offer full network management services, taking care of all the day-to-day IT problems, so you can focus on growing your business.

Existing Infrastructures

We'll work with your existing network and infrastructure, expanding and improving it to fulfill all your business needs

Infrastructure Creation

Need an infrastructure built from the ground-up? No problem, we do that too! From home offices to enterprise solutions, we've got you covered

We Work With Everything

We have years of experience with it all, from desktops to LAN, WAN, WIFI, SOHO (small office/home office), and Enterprise infrastructures

Business Network Solutions Business Network Solutions Business Network Solutions

Our Recent Posts

Microsoft patches critical 17-year-old DNS bug in Windows Server

Microsoft DNS Bug Release

FBI issues warning over Windows 7 EOL

FBI issues warning over Windows 7 EOL and the continued use of the OS.

Sexual secrets for hundreds of millions exposed in largest hack of 2016

Largest hack of 2016

Virtual backup solution, with a great price!

If your virtual environment is in need of a cost effective robust backup solution, here’s an excellent options with a great price. The support is excellent and responsive. Nakivo Backup and Replictation

Growing old waiting on Windows 7 updates?

If you’re an IT person and restored a Windows 7 machine over the last year or so, you probably wanted to pull your hair out wondering why the updates didn’t work or VERY slow! Then you couldn’t get that machine back to your client in a timely manor. There’s a new patch out by Microsoft

Windows 2012 single IP and IIS8.5 multiple SSL cert configuration with SNI

When configuring Windows 2012 with single IP and IIS 8.5 with two SNA cerificates, if you have several secured sites, you’ll need to activate SNI(Server Name Indication) on all the sites that are binding to port 443. SNI(Server Name Indication)

Windows 10 and network administrator desktop permissions

One feature we like to use, for ease of access, are 3 desktop icons, Computer, Network and Control Panel. In Windows 10, as a local user or network users, you can add the icons simply by opening Settings, Personalization, Themes and Desktop icon settings. The tick the box next to the Desktop icons you like.

QuickBooks POS 12

Setting up a new QuickBooks-POS-12 installation for a client today and learned that when Intuit means their POS application is peer-to-peer network ready, they truly mean it, peer-to-peer NOT client-server. Make note, network admins, the first machine you install QBPOS on, which will be a desktop(most likely) WILL be the Server/Host, no if and buts,

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